Asem: The Project

The project  was born from the need to improve the quality of guidance and to recognize the figure of the European mobility expert on a professional level.
Currently, the profession of the European mobility expert in Europe is not standardized and there are no tools for assessing the skills of the profession: the "EMA", in fact, come from different backgrounds, and often do not have recognized qualifications for working with young people , but were formed by the associations themselves.
The aim of the ASEM project is to improve the current situation, by mapping the profile of EMAs at European level, creating tools and methodologies for assessing skills (Expertise Checkup), organizing a training course for assessors, a European certification and a European register for evaluators and EMAs who have successfully passed the "Checkup".
The profile of the European mobility educator / operator that will be created will be based on ECVET, and the "Checkup" will be based on the Council Recommendation of 20 December 2012 on the validation of informal and non-formal learning (2012 / C 398/01 ) and on the "European guidelines for the validation of non-formal and informal learning" developed by CEDEFOP (2016, Luxembourg: Publications Office. Cedefop reference series; No 104).
The associations and organizations involved in the project - from France, Slovakia, Poland, Latvia and Italy, will directly involve around 400 EMAs in the project and will inform more than 10,000 EMAs on the results and methods and tools developed.